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The Peace Garden

Remarks by Terrie Rintoul, our Chair on the occasion of the transfer of the Trust’s remaining funds

to the Friends on 26 July 2020

Just to say, on behalf of every member of the Friends of Meads Parks and Gardens, how pleased we all are that the Wish Tower Memorial Peace Garden has been adopted by Eastbourne Borough Council as a public park and has joined The Helen Garden, the Italian Gardens and All Saints Park to become our fourth park here in Meads.

Looking around this morning and seeing the transformation of the Wish Tower moat from that dank, dark, and depressing place into this beautiful garden makes the Friends all the more determined to do everything we can to make sure that it stays that way.

I know that I also speak for the Friends membership when I say how much we admire what has been achieved here. It is a fine example of determination and perseverance; of what can be done despite many, often seemingly insurmountable, obstacles. The story of the making of the memorial and this garden is a truly inspirational one, not only to the Friends but also to the whole town.

In these strange and unprecedented times, it is good to have something positive to think about as we all do our best to get through it.

And what better way to lift the spirits than to spend time in a lovely garden - especially this one with its message of triumph over adversity, of peace, and of hope for the future.

Friends of Meads Parks and Gardens The Peace Garden